About Us

Your trusted partner for powertrain and vehicle NVH solutions

SONUS Engineered Solutions, formerly NOVO Motor Acoustic Systems, has been a leading manufacturer and developer of noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) systems and solutions since 1996. As a full-service, tier one supplier to major OEMs, we offer state-of-the-art NVH simulation and testing at our facility in Warren, Michigan. Our world-class NVH solutions are crafted to meet both thorough legislative requirements and those of our customers throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

We’re proud of our alliance with TGK Slovenia, a company “daring the impossible” to bring you innovative products of superb quality that are the result of fully automated production processes and other cutting-edge technology.

Key Benefits
  • Innovative products reducing CO2 emissions and improving fuel economy
  • Vehicles weather the mechanical shocks imposed on them
  • Noise is analyzed to make sure it doesn’t mar the environment
  • Improved handling and driver experience
  • Significantly reduced stress on engine connections

We make sure to meet the standards of our OEM clients in order to create sustainable NVH equipment that will eventually be incorporated into larger, sustainable vehicle components.