Manufacturing and Assembly

Manufacturing and assembly

We are a world-class manufacturer of engineered solutions, utilizing:

Injection and blow-molded plastics

  • Engine/acoustic covers
  • Air intake systems
  • Resonators
  • Powertrain plastics

Precision-molded rubber components

  • Powertrain isolators
  • Dampers

Wide array of foam and fiber products

  • Acoustic cast and die cut foam
  • Foam stuffers
  • Polyurethane and melamine based formulations

Advanced assembly techniques and processes

  • Ultrasonic, spin, and hot plate welding
  • Decorative graphic hot stamping
  • Full and semi-automated assembly and error proofing equipment

SONUS Engineered Solutions has been a leading manufacturer and developer of noise, vibration and harshness systems and solutions since 1996. As a full-service supplier, we offer full-vehicle testing, component testing, design, development, prototyping and volume production. Our world-class NVH solutions are crafted to meet requirements throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

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